OGB RECENT – Biography, Age, And Net Worth

Ogb Recent is a one uniquely special Nigerian comedian who was inspired to launch his comedy brand by Brain Jotter. He is a fantastic Instagram comic personality, Influencer, and skit creator. Ogb Recent appears to be a Cultist Boy as he is known to incorporates Cultism Orientations in his jokes and sketches.

OGB Recent

Profile Summary of OGB

Real NameMichael Charles
Stage NameOGB Recent, Cultist Boy, U Won Collect, u dey cult?
Birthday2nd September
State of OriginDelta State
CareerMovie Acting, comedy skit, Funny Laugh Shows, Content Creator, Comedian, Actor, Sponsors
Net Worth$20,000
SongAbi You Wan Collect

Biography of OGB Recent

OGB Recent grew up in Ijaw in Warri Town, is a young competent actor and comedian that specializes in creating funny jokes and comedy videos that make people laugh so hard. He is popularly known as Cult Boy and is a stand-up comedian.

What is the Real Name of Ogb Recent

Ogb’s true name is Micheal Charles, and he is a popular Nigerian comedian and skit artist. He hails from Delta State Nigeria.

How Did Ogb Become so Popular?

OGB started gaining little recognition in the year 2021 but Ogb rose to prominence as a celebrity comic actor in 2022. He started acting Comedy portraying the character of a pastor. According to him, People were not interested in him because they said he wasn’t funny. Then he switched to a new style.

In practically all of his skits, he sounds and acts like the legendary Brain Jotter, yet with a unique approach. OGB gained popularity for employing cultist slangs and the question (U wan Collect)? When hoodlums or cult organizations are going to pillage or forcefully steal something from someone, they commonly say this.

Ogb Recent

The video that raised Ogb to stardom is the one in which he entered Okada (bike) and threatened to beat up the cyclist if he dared to ask him for money after he got off the machine.

How old is ogb Recent?

OGB Recent is now 25 years old. He was born on September 2, 1997 in Delta State Nigeria.

Ogb Recent Girlfriend

The name of Ogb’s girlfriend is unknown, and the young celebrity hasn’t stated anything about who he’s dating or planning to marry

Is Ogb Recent a Cult Leader?

About being a cultist, we can’t say for sure that he’s a cultist although due to his comedy Slangs he is assumed to belong to a cult, this is just not true. It is all about Creativity. When the comedian releases new video skits on Instagram, he always includes a warning caption that reads: (Say no to Cultism).

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OGB Recent career

Which state is Ogb Recent from? His birthplace

Instagram Celebrity, Ogb comes from Ebonyi State, where he was raised by his parents.

Ogb’s Most Education

Ogb attended primary and secondary school while living with his parents in Delta.

Ogb’s Recent Comedy Career

Ogb, a recent TV Television comedian, began his career as a random skit creator. He was on the verge of giving up at times when the item was not converting as he desired. Ogb’s initial intention was to become a cameraman, but he eventually altered his mind and landed as an actor and comedian.

OGB Recent comedy career

He began acting in films in his hometown and has released numerous movies showcasing his talents for years before coming to popularity on the streets. He has appeared in a number of comedy shows until he was able to carve out his own unique pattern, which is the Rival slang (Cultist Boy).

What is Ogb’s current net worth?

Ogb’s current net worth in Naira currency is believed to be N10 million, around $20,000.

Is Ogb Recent a Yahoo Boy?

Michael Charles, also known as Ogb in his current comedy, is not an internet fraudster (Yahoo Boy). Despite being a computer science student, OGB Recent finds time to use his sense of humor to offer joy and happiness to his Nigerian and international admirers.

In an interview with a famous media outlet, he stated that he often draws his inspiration from the events around him and creates his videos in a way that everyone can identify to.

Cultist Commedian (OGB Recent) Cars

Ogb is now a car owner as he flaunts his new Mercedes Benz in a viral Instagram post.

OGB Recent cars
Ogb Recent car

ogb Yahoo boy Parent

OGB mum

OGB Recent House

OGB Recent new house

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