Study In USA: 2023 Harvard University MBA Boustany Scholarship for International Students

Study In USA: 2023 Harvard University MBA Boustany Scholarship for International Students

The Boustany MBA Scholarship at Harvard University is now available to international students who want to attend the Harvard Business School to pursue an MBA in 2023.

The Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship is a fully funded grant that pays for the selected candidates’ travel, housing, and tuition expenses totaling $102,000 (tuition for two years) in the United States.

The oldest higher education facility in the USA is Harvard University, founded in 1636. In the 18th century, Harvard was one of the first colleges to secularize its curriculum and student population, and by the 19th century, it had established itself as the main cultural institution in the USA.

Scholarship Summary

  • Host Country: USA
  • Study Abroad: Study in USA
  • Category: Postgraduate Scholarships | Masters Scholarships
  • Eligible Countries: All Countries
  • Reward: Full Scholarship | US$102,200 Grant | Accommodation | Travel cost
  • Deadline: May 31, 2023

Details OF Scholarship :

One of the top business programs in the world is the Harvard MBA, which is offered at one of the most respected universities in the world.

Once every two years, the Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship is awarded for a two-year program at Harvard Business School.

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Scholarship Requirements:

Candidates must have exceptional academic credentials and have significant potential. Although applicants from any country are eligible for the scholarship, those with Lebanese ancestry will get preference.

Only after obtaining an offer of admission from the Harvard MBA school may candidates submit an application for the scholarship.

Scholarship Reward and Duration:

  • The Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship is granted once every two years for a two year course at Harvard Business School.
  • The Scholarship offers the following:
    • Financial aid amounting to US$102,200 (US$51,100 per year) towards tuition fees
    • Travel and accommodation expenses related to the internship.The next Scholarship will be awarded for the class commencing Autumn 2023.

Required Documents:#

To apply, candidates must be ready to submit the following documents;

  • A copy of your curriculum vitae with a photograph,
  • GMAT scores and
  • Acceptance letter from the University.

Method of Application:

If you want to apply, email a copy of your curriculum vitae, a picture, your GMAT results, and your acceptance letter from the university.

If chosen for further consideration, the Foundation may invite you for an interview. The Scholarship will thereafter be given to one winner.

Candidature filing deadline is May 31, 2023.

The Scholarship will be given out in June 2023.


Deadline: May 31, 2023

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